Q: I am looking for a Wedding DJ, how much do you charge?


A: This is the number 1 thing we get asked! The answer is a little complicated as it depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Location of venue
  • Size of venue
  • Whether you require just a Wedding DJ or other services
  • How long you require the Wedding DJ to play

Why not contact us for more details and a no-obligation quotation.



Q: Do you play for a full wedding disco? (no band)


A: Yes we do



Q: What will the Wedding DJ wear?


A: All of our Wedding DJ's wear clothes appropriate to your event



Q: I have booked my own band, can I just hire you as a Wedding DJ?


A: Yes, that is no problem at all. We would be happy to work with your band to ensure everything runs smoothly.



Q: What kind of music selection do you offer?


A: We offer a massive variety of music types and genres to keep your guests entertained on the dance floor. We have a passion for music so we have created a huge library of music.